About Us

Origin Unknown Co.:

Threads you’ve never seen before. One cool as hell online store.

From your Dad’s favorite paint-splattered Budweiser baseball cap to the vintage leather jacket you scrounged pennies together to buy, the clothes that we wear are more than just fabric against our backs. They tell stories that withstand the ebb and flow of life and loss; stories that live on long after we’ve turned the page and read the final chapter. We created Origin Unknown Co. because, as foster parents of vintage clothing, we stumbled across so many clothes that deserved a second chance at reviving their legacy. Each piece is completely unique and handpicked with quality and style in mind, so you can be sure that your threads are made to last. Whether you’re a badass Harley babe or a self-proclaimed flower child, we have something that’s made for you. We don’t know where they’ve been or where they will go, their Origins are Unknown.

About Us:

As two sisters, we share so much more than just great genes and dating advice. Our collective creative spark and lifelong passion for crafting are commonalities that have inspired us to create Origin Unknown Co; a company that we both love the absolute sh*t out of. When we said goodbye to crowded New York City streets and ventured into hazy southern Florida heat, we encountered more than just booze and bikinis. We found our purpose in the unlikely form of dusty thrift shops and late nights at the sewing machine; a purpose that is stitched into the very fabric of this business, from our self-shot photography to our independent web design. The best digs are the ones that inspire self-expression and allow the “real you” to shine through. Trust us, your next fave tee or best butt jeans are just one click away. Happy hunting!

Xx, Alyssa & Tana